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Campaign Update

The campaign team is currently preparing statements and updates and developing new research initiatives. In the meantime, please follow some more media links here: ABC Radio, Australia ABC Radio The Guardian The Daily Dot We’ll be back!

Day 7 Can Robots Save Us?

We have been asked many questions over the last week and we are trying our best to address them all. Over the coming weeks we will prepare more research papers, initiate discussion and participate in debates more widely. A wider debate about sex robots will help us to explore what […]

Day 6

The sixth day of this campaign against sex robots is soon coming to an end, at least here in Sweden. During the last days, we have received loads of comments. Some people find it bizarre that sex robots exist at all, while others find it equally bizarre that we react […]

Day 5 Downloading Consciousness into Machines

Futurologist Ray Kurzweil and others talk about a future scenario where humans can download their consciousness into machines. This is not some future scenario but already happens. Humans have always ‘downloaded’ their consciousness into artefacts. Electrical machines are another addition to this activity. This is what humanmade artefacts are – […]

Day 3

Thank you for all the support and interest we have received. We hope to create a “join” option on the website so you can become part of the discussion about the ethics of robots. In addition, we will respond to questions asked about the role of ethics in shaping technology, […]

Day 2

Day 2 of the campaign – please join us in the  #CampaignAgainstSexRobots On this site, you find a summary of the main arguments we put forward in the campaign. For a deeper presentation of the research behind the campaign, please refer to the position paper. You can also find some references to press related to […]