Males as Sex Objects

Following many discussions with pro sex robot/sex trade campaigners their argument time and time again is that men need to have access to sellers of sex/sex robots because they
have a higher sex drive. The pro sex robot/sex trade campaigners characterise men as sex objects and not human with full subjectivity.

We take issue with the view that men can be reduced to their sex drive or their sexual parts. Just as we take issue with presenting and portraying women and children in these ways in the real world and in robots. All humans have subjectivity, regardless of their race, class, gender, or differences.

We take issue with the view that men cannot control their behaviours and have less empathy than females. We point the reader to all those men out there, now and through history who have campaigned for universal rights, or those campaigns that aim to highlight the abuse and violence men suffer as children and adults. Men who lead campaigns for full equality, and who don’t buy sex or use their power coercively.

See a list of men’s organisations here and other support groups.

We remind our visitors of one of our core principles:

All human beings regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender and class have the right to have their subjectivity recognised, but not at the expense of another through violence, discrimination or coercion.