Statement on the production of Child Sex Dolls

The Campaign Against Sex Robots is against the production of child sex dolls which are part of a cultural pattern to legitimise paedophilia more widely. The recent news that Japanese company Trottla is producing child-like sex dolls is something we want to address as a serious problem. The company, owned by Shin Takagi, offers buyers a chance to purchase erotic dolls of children. Many are featured in provocative underwear, while others are naked. We implore the Japanese government to take action and prohibit the sales of these disturbing and abusive artefacts.

The designer claims these dolls are therapeutic help for adults sexually attractive to children and he said ‘I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire’ in an article in the Atlantic.

The makers claim these artefacts are for therapeutic purposes. There is no therapeutic programme offered with the sale of the objects, no authorised therapeutic programme. This is clearly a company making money from the misery of children. How is making life like replicas of children and encouraging adults to believe they are like children helpful to children? This is very dangerous for children. The widespread online availability of pornography has pushed the consumption patterns of the consumers to view more grotesque and abusive images of adults and children. This is because pornography is underscored by a vision of coercion and abuse rather than mutual consenting relationship where adults recognise each other as human subjects. The absence of any real empathy is a key difficulty of paedophiles, having objects that can be totally controlled adds a further destructive dimension to an already distorted viewpoint.

Therapists use all manner of objects in a therapeutic setting (toys, dolls, chairs, fabric, cards). The objects can be of any kind, and are often miniature representations. As human beings, we have many important faculties such as ‘symbolic’ and ‘metaphorical’ thinking. This means that one thing can stand in place for another. A very life like version of a child can only complicate matters for someone who needs complex support. What is the evidence and therapeutic model that supports the company’s argument? None!

This is only a step away from the adult market of imbuing these artefacts with motors, voice and speech recognition. The makers of these objects are directly encouraging adults to view these objects as children. Rather than the buyer addressing their rapist fantasies, they get to act them out and practice on a doll.
At a conference I attended last year in The Hague, I was surprised to hear a new term for ‘paedophile’ wait for it, a ‘paedosexual’. The pro-sex lobby on the panel and in the audience argued that attraction to children is prohibited for now, just as homosexuality was, but now attitudes have changed towards homosexuals.

I find myself hearing the ‘well once homosexuality was restricted’ as a backdrop to legitimising and attempting to gain support for the pro-prostitution lobby, the pro sex-robots and even pro paedophile lobby. Supporters of sex robots also refer to changing attitudes towards homosexuals as a backdrop the acceptance of these machines.

For the record, decriminalising homosexuality is NOT THE SAME as decriminalising paedophilia. Homosexual sex is legal between consenting adults. ADULTS!!!! Adults who want to enter into mutual relationship with each other and consent to relations. Sex between adults and children is prohibited because children cannot consent to sex. Children are developmentally immature (physically, emotionally, and cognitively), they have no power, no political status and are dependents. Children can never consent to sex with adults. The child is turned into a thing and the abuser can project their own distorted fantasies onto the real living child. The child sex doll is a proxy. The paedophile is encouraged to legitimately accept their feelings as the maker of the dolls argued ‘It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire.’

Well yes, sometimes it is important to repress a desire if it is harmful to others. Or is related to the harm of others.

The doll only exists because paedophilia exists more widely. The dolls reflect human lived existence. If you want to reduce paedophilia, then you have focus on the core problem, an asymmetry of power, when the adult male are encouraged to express their abusive fantasies in any way possible. The sex trade and the way male power is encoded in society reinforces these coercive patterns of abuse.

The child sex doll is part of a general pattern to profit from sexual exploitation and model coercive sexual relations in new areas of life. RealDolls or TrueCompanion are modelled on the coercive, one sided form of relationship, where male subjectivity enforced by power, coercion and violence is the privileged perspective and empathy between persons is absent. Men have nothing to gain from supporting this dominant cultural system of exploitation. We encourage men to join our campaign and take active measures to campaign against the sex trade.
If you visit the Trottla website, I advise caution. The dolls are truly disturbing.
If adults want to seek support for any issues, please contact the organisation below and seek real help. I will add more organisations in due course.


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