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GENDER & TECH / SEX ROBOTS – Feminist Conference Event (FILIA)

Excited to be participate in FiLiA 2017 (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15th October 2017) with a panel discussion on:



Sex dolls with AI are imagined to give men the perfect women; a doll in the form of a woman or child that doesn’t have any needs, wants or desires. Some in the field of robotics predict with growth of the sex doll industry will help reduce prostitution, reduce rape, and reduce child exploitation as men attack dolls rather than assault women and children. What is the real status of the sex doll industry and are there any such things as ‘sex robots’? Will these new trends create more harm for women and children as men fail to see the difference between humans and dolls? Or will they be a benefit to society? This panel will explore these issues.

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Photo credit: Kate Davis

Categories: Ethics of Robotics


The Campaign Against Sex Robots is a non-profit campaign that aims to challenge the reproduction of inequalities in new technologies.

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