Today I made an important development in the direction of the Campaign that I believe will transform it and help us to communicate our goals and objectives to others.
As the founder and leader of the Campaign I am now going to direct the campaign to argue for and bring about legislation for a BAN on all sex dolls and sex robots of women and girls.  This position has been arrived at through careful consideration of all the issues.
There is a kernel in this argument that the dolls & robots are not real (commercially produced artefacts), and therefore, banning them would not help. We have considered this position and worked from it in the first two years of the Campaign, but the reality is, in the larger schemes of the commercialised prostitution trades, where women and girls are traded, and the wider context of misogyny (see 50 million missing girls worldwide, largely in India and China) we now have to realise that the dehumanisation of women is a world problem. There are people campaigning against porn & prostitution and against femicide and we continue to be aligned and connected to these issues because this is all part of the way in which women and girls are dehumanised. We will support their struggles and make connections between theirs and our work. In our own focus, we must develop a narrative in robotics and AI, new fields where misogyny and hatred of women must not take hold.
On Sunday at the FiLiA event I will announce this change in direction. This is Sunday 15th October 2017. I will explain the reasons for this shift in focus and why we need to campaign for a ban on sex dolls and sex robots. A complete ban on sex dolls and sex robots of women and girls.
We have much work to do, I hope you will join me in helping to build the Campaign, and centre the issues of women and girls.


Please join us!

Professor Kathleen Richardson
Founder and leader of the Campaign Against Sex Robots