ASSOCIATES to the Campaign

We invite contributors to write for the campaign’s website as Associates. Associates can participate by writing for the website, but also in creating new lines of enquiry exploring technology and the sex trade. We would like Associates to join us in putting forward a different vision of human relationship, sexuality and subjectivity that is not based on coercion or violence.

Areas we think are important to explore include, but are not limited to the following:
Robots as sexual substitutes
Gender and robots
Therapy and Sex Robots
Transhumanism and capitalism
Sex robots and the sex trade
Virtual reality and the sex trade
Video Games and the sex trade
The commercialisation of sex and the internet
Human rights and the legalisation of the sex trade
Young people and online access to pornography
Gender and pornography
Freedom and sex
Privacy in a digital age
Compassionate technology
Attachment Theories and Machines


Supporting Research
We are a non-profit campaign but would like to reach out to groups and individuals engaged in research to give our support and collaboration on any funding opportunities. We hope to reach out to technologists who are making robots and AI and engage in a mutual dialogue.
If you would like to get in touch with the campaign please email: