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Sex Robots and the Sex Trade

An article in the New Mandala on Sex Robots and the Sex Trade – read it here We encourage our supporters to support Abolitionism and Campaigns to end the suffering of children. We will provide a join option in 2016. Thank you for your patience. More news coming soon.

Males as Sex Objects

Following many discussions with pro sex robot/sex trade campaigners their argument time and time again is that men need to have access to sellers of sex/sex robots because they have a higher sex drive. The pro sex robot/sex trade campaigners characterise men as sex objects and not human with full […]

Campaign Update

The campaign team is currently preparing statements and updates and developing new research initiatives. In the meantime, please follow some more media links here: ABC Radio, Australia ABC Radio The Guardian The Daily Dot We’ll be back!

Day 7 Can Robots Save Us?

We have been asked many questions over the last week and we are trying our best to address them all. Over the coming weeks we will prepare more research papers, initiate discussion and participate in debates more widely. A wider debate about sex robots will help us to explore what […]