The Campaign Against Sex Robots has encouraged an international debate on the making of sex robots, and expressed concerns about the impact on human relationships. There have been dozens of articles, blogs and videos connected to the issues, below are a sample:


ABC online, Campaign Against Sex Robots warns of danger to women and children

ABC LATELINE, Panel discussion on sex robots

Sky News, Can ‘sex robots’ replace relationships with human beings?

FT, Prospect of sexual relationships with robots poses moral dilemmas.

Jezebel, Are Sex Robots Unethical or Just Unimaginative as Hell? 

The Telegraph, Man makes robot which looks like Scarlett Johansson – why do we keep making creepy female bots?

WIRED, Humans get ‘aroused’ when touching robot buttocks

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Für mehr Erfolg müssen Sexroboter die weibliche Zielgruppe ansprechen

MILK, The ethical crisis behind the rise of sexbots

YAHOO!,What Do These Robots Mean For The Future Of Sex?

ASIA, NIKKEI, Is it OK to abuse, trust or make love to a robot?

Irish Times,Sex robots should be banned, expert tells Web Summit

Buzz, Sex Robots: The new automatic lovers

Fresnobee, Is the world ready for sex robots and mechanical soldiers?

Some previous media from the launch month in September 2015

The campaign has received significant attention in media. We here refer to a few relevant articles elaborating the arguments put forward directly on this site.

Kathleen Richardson & Erik Brilling


Press and Research Enquiries

Please direct all your enquiries to:

Professor Kathleen Richardson

Kathleen is a robot anthropologist and cultural ethicist interested in attachment theory, gender and robotics. She is Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI, at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) at De Montfort University, UK.

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