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The Campaign Against Sex Robots is a group of activists, writers and academics developing new, and sorely needed feminist and abolitionist perspectives of robots and AI.




Kathleen Richardson, founder and leader of the Campaign Against Sex Robots

Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI

De Montfort University



Nika Mahnič is a contributing writer. Her BA thesis in Cultural studies/Anthropology at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, focused on technofetishism and the unheimlich robotic love. She loves to think, write, dance and be surrounded by music. She is one of the founders of Danes je nov dan, Institute for other studies. Currently, she is an MA student in Big Data at King`s College, London.



Kate Davis is a Multimedia Artist, with a BA (Hons) in Commercial Photography from the Arts University Bournemouth. Kate’s work is developed from research-led projects
and explores topics and agendas affecting contemporary society, with a critical feminist perspective. Significant to Kate’s work is the questioning of how modern technologies are impacting love, sex and relationships. She also investigates the ethical issues behind the rise of the robotic sex industry.

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